a message from Matthew

Twenty-two years ago Donna and I chose to start a family here. From park to park, dance studio to rink, in the stands and behind the bench, over the years the rhythms of this place have become our own and its streets and sidewalks – its public places – have become our home.

I am deeply invested in this place. From school parent council to the rink. From the Toronto Energy Coalition and GreenEast to the Upper Beach Refugee Resettlement Group. From Out of the Cold to the House of Commons. I have served.

I am committed to serving, and I am passionate about this place I call home. We have a past to protect. We have today to fix. We have a future to create together for ourselves and our children. We have much to do together.

Please join me in this campaign that is about our everyday lives. About our shared right to participate in the creation of our home – and to make everyday life better for all of us.

Matthew Kellway

Candidate, City Council Ward 19