a message from Matthew

I love Beaches-East York. I have a deep commitment to our community having raised three children here and contributed in numerous ways over the last 20 years. I know many of you. I have been on school councils and child care boards, helped with the Out of the Cold program and refugee settlement and coached house league hockey or while I was in office as the MP for Beaches-East York.

Residents need to know that their City Councillor is in it for the right reasons - that their Councillor is motivated by public service not self-interest. For me, service to community is my guiding principle and passion and politics is just an extension of that. I hope that over the years - by what I have done and not what I say I will do - I have gained your trust.

I am committed to action at City Hall because our success depends on our collective ability to create the sustainable, inclusive and prosperous city that we want and our ability to secure the resources necessary to achieve it. And I am ready to stand up for Toronto, for our home in the city and for you. With a much smaller City Council and with a Premier hostile to our city, more than ever experience matters.

I am inspired by you and eager to take on the challenge with you and for you. Let’s get on with building our future together.

Matthew Kellway,

Beaches-East York, Candidate for City Council