My Heartfelt Thanks

The election on Monday night did not go as hoped. We came very close but came up against a candidate that had the resources and the endorsement of the mayor’s office – which made it very difficult. We ran a great campaign and it was wonderful to be amongst so many supporters.

It was also a very difficult campaign. The interference by the Doug Ford government was unprecedented. Working in tandem with John Tory, Ford was able to eliminate many progressive voices from city council – and our city will be all the worse off for it.

As progressives, we need to refocus our efforts on fighting for the city we want. It is not up to John Tory and Doug Ford to determine the future of our city – it is up to us.

I want to thank you for your support through-out this campaign, for the time and resources you put into working to ensure our shared success.

I love this place and I always will. Now together though we’ll need to look for other ways to make sure Beaches-East York is a place for everyone.

Matthew Kellway,


Signs: Signs will be collected over the next day. Please leave your sign somewhere visible from the road.

Volunteer recognition party: it will be held in November, stay tuned for details.

Donations: Thank you very much to everyone who supported us financially. Contributions to municipal campaigns are not tax deductible like in federal or provincial races.  Instead the rebates are sent to you directly in a cheque from the City. To receive your rebate cheque, you must submit a claim form. Claim forms, donation receipts, and instructions, will be mailed to all donors after the City has received the audited financial statements from all of the campaigns. This process takes many months. For more information, please contact: