A City For Everyone – Creating Affordable Housing And Reducing Poverty

Toronto has a housing crisis. The need for affordable, safe, and long-term housing is urgent and necessary – right across our city. I have pledged to support the Poverty Reduction Strategy, which includes the approved action of 7,200 new supportive housing units, at least 8,000 new deeply affordable rental housing units, and 1,000 new shelter spaces. Younger generations want to build their lives in the neighbourhoods where they grew up – but without new strategies to keep moderate and affordable rental and ownership housing affordable, that just won’t happen.

As City Councillor, I will also:

  • Support unlocking more city land for development of affordable rental units, by working closely with the newly-formed Create TO real estate agency.

  • Increase portable housing subsidies to help pay market rent.

  • Push for expanded inclusionary zoning, which mandates that a percentage of newly-constructed units be affordable.

  • Support laneway and other innovative forms of affordable housing.

  • Work to implement fully the Live Safe program to make sure our rental housing stock is kept in good repair, help tenants find decent housing and maintain strong enforcement of property standards.

  • Support settlement and integration strategies that give newcomers opportunities.

  • Continue strong advocacy with province to increase minimum wage and income support programs to maintain healthy and inclusive communities.

  • Support full implementation of youth engagement and employment strategies to provide successful pathways to productive participation in our city.  

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