Thank you for contributing to the campaign to elect Matthew Kellway for City Councillor in Ward 37. 

Please note that the maximum allowable donation is $1,200 per candidate. 

All donations of $25.01 or more are eligible for a rebate of up to 75 percent from the City of Toronto. The Contribution Rebate Guide is available online here.

For example:

 Donation  Rebate   Cost to you
 $25 or less  $0.00  $25.00
 $25.01  $18.76  $6.24
 $50.00  $37.50  $12.50
 $100.00  $75.00  $25.00
 $300.00  $225.00  $75.00
 $400.00  $275.00  $125.00
 $800.00  $475.00  $325.00
 $1,200  $641.67  $558.53


All payments will receive an emailed receipt. Please feel free to contact the campaign at any time about your donation:

Our online donation processing is handled by PayPal. No account with this service is required to submit your donation. 

If you'd like to pay by cheque, please make out your donation to "Matthew Kellway Campaign" and mail it to:

CFO Matthew Kellway Campaign

152 main Street

Toronto, ON

M4E 2V8