A City That's Active and Green - Recreation, Parks, and Trees

We take pride in our history of producing champion athletes, from Olympic and Paralympic swimmers, paddlers and rowers to national rugby team players. Our community is well-served with excellent access to sports like soccer, baseball, lacrosse and hockey, delivered by many long-standing volunteer sports associations. But we can only continue this success with well-maintained and expanded facilities, strong city programs and partnerships and affordable fees.

Our recreation facilities, along with schools, are hubs of our neighbourhoods. Recreation should be expanded to meet growing demand, eliminate wait lists, and offer a strong core program for every community that serves residents of all ages and abilities. Programs should remain affordable or free in low-income communities, and reflect the priorities of our communities

The city’s Recreation Facilities Plan identified important investments in our community, including a replacement recreation centre, indoor pool and ice pad at Stan Wadlow Park. The city must work with the TDSB to find new ways to invest capital funding and improve joint-facilities in schools. And plans can only become reality if funding is included in city budgets and new agreements signed with the TDSB.

Our city’s Parks and Forestry plans have been pushed back too often. We must renew our commitment, with goals and targets, for improving our tree canopy, enhancing natural environments and ravines, improving trails and gardens, animating our parks and keeping our green spaces the jewels of our city.

As your Councillor, I will:

  • Push for full implementation of the Facilities Master Plan for new and renovated facilities in Beaches–East York.

  • Support an all-season recreation centre for field, water and winter sports at the south end of Tubbs and Gee Gage field in partnership with the Balmy Beach Club.

  • Bring a second indoor ice pad and dry floor to Ted Reeve Arena and East York Curling Club to increase access to a broad range of recreation activities.

  • Keep all our school pools open and well-maintained and offer new programs in partnership with TDSB and TCDSB. Ensure all children can swim by participating in Swim to Survive and similar programs.

  • Advance renovation and upgrades for Topham Park Clubhouse, including splash pad and playground and complete Cedarcrest Park and pathway.

  • Work with the community to end the exclusive TUGGS contract and return retail on the Beach to our small business community.

  • Reduce permit fees and support partnerships with community and park “friends” groups to enhance events, markets and activities in our parks.

  • Finalize Master Agreement with TDSB for shared-use of school and community centre facilities.

  • Create a Ward 19 Sports Council made up of volunteer sports organizations to develop a master sports and recreation plan for Ward 19.


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    commented on recreation 2018-10-21 17:15:35 -0400
    Do you support dog parks?
    commented on recreation 2018-10-06 19:26:02 -0400
    How do I find details on the Plan for Stan Wadlow Park? Like timing?
    I live right beside the park & have long felt that the great pool should be covered for year round use instead of only two months in the year. The City would save money in the long run by not having the costs of opening & closing every year.
    commented on recreation 2018-10-03 11:29:02 -0400
    Love your priorities. An important community assets is public golf courses. Yet this assets has not been fully developed to create a four season recreational opportunity. They could include cross country skiing, walking trails. by pursuing Audubon designation golf courses ca create important pathways for birds and migration insects and natural pathways for mammals to coexist. Would love to see that added to your policy platform.
    published recreation in priorities 2018-10-01 20:58:24 -0400